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The Products of Hugh Courtright & Co, Ltd...

Our high-quality products and strong product knowledge enable us to continue being a leading supplier to manufacturers, national wholesalers, and scientists the world over.

Please consider us your source for:

  • pressure-sensitive tape,
  • double-coated and single-coated foams,
  • UHMW, KaptonĀ® Polyimide, splicing,
  • double-coated carpet laydown,
  • printed, and heat-sealing tapes.

We stock and supply such Name Brands as:

  • Dielectric,
  • Furon,
  • Intertape,
  • Nashua,
  • Polyken,
  • Scapa,
  • Shuford, and
  • TESA

Though our partnership with Viadon meets customers' custom tape specifications through custom slitting, rotary die-cutting, reciprocating die-cutting, kiss cutting, laminating, level winding, and other custom capabilities.

Series 1000-

Strapping & Filament Tapes

#1110 General Purpose Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape - A high-performing tape for holding loads during transit. Available in black and clear.

#1120 High-Performance Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape - An even higher grade for outdoor applications like palletizing, reinforcing and bundling. Available in black only.

#1130 Superior Performance Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape - Our highest strength strapping tape, and residue-free, suitable for securing appliances in transit. Available in clear only.

#1140 Ultra-Grade BOPP Glass-Reinforced Tape - Our most economical grade for packaging and strapping.

#1150 Medium-Grade Polyester Glass-Reinforced Tape - For medium to heavy duty packaging and strapping tape. Moisture, chemical and abrasion resistant.

#1160 High Strength Polyester Glass-Reinforced Tape - Our best offering for heavy duty packaging and strapping tape. Moisture, chemical and abrasion resistant. With U-V protection.

#1170 Paper-Backed Glass-Reinforced Tape - A paper-backed filament tape for packaging applications offering dimensional stability and a write-able surface.

Series 2000-

Masking & Flatback Paper Tapes

#2110 General Purpose Masking Tape - Solvent-rubber adhesive with a crepe backing. Used by homeowners, contractors and some industrial applications.

#2120 Premium Painter's Grade Masking Tape - Natural rubber adhesive with superior tear-strength and high-conformability. Preferred by professionals for excellent paint lines.

#2130 Weather-able Premium Painter's Tape - A blue-pigmented, crepe backing version with excellent UV resistance for up to 7 days.

#2140 Color Crepe Masking Tape - Used for color-coding, decorating and available in a range of colors.

#2150 Low-Tack Drafting Tape - Intended for delicate surfaces, this tape has low tack and is constructed of a medium crepe.

#2160 High Temperature Masking Tape - Also known as Automotive Masking Tape, this tape is designed to perform under demanding conditions and is resistant to strong solvents. and hi-temps.

#2210-2230 Flatback Tapes - A range of tapes for sealing and labeling tapes for the packaging industry. Call for more details.

Series 3000-

Film Box Sealing Tapes

#3110 Economy Grade Polypropylene Film Carton Sealing Tape - Price effective option with high-tack and excellent aging. Available in clear or tan.

#3120 Production Grade Polypropylene Film Carton Sealing Tape - The pro's choice, for use on heavier packages, with high-tack and excellent aging. Available in clear or tan.

#3130 Heavy-Duty Polypropylene Film Carton Sealing Tape - Extremely tough for the heaviest of packages, with high-tack and excellent aging. Available in clear or tan.

#3140 Color Production Grade Polypropylene Film Carton Sealing Tape - Designed for custom and decorative packaging and available in a variety of lengths and colors.

#3150 Printed Polypropylene Carton Sealing (Surface or Adhesive-side printed) Tape - Available in 2.1 or 2.6 Mil tape and a variety of colors, with 1 or 2 color printing. Call us for details.

#3160 Freezer-Grade Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tape - A clear tape that will endure and hold fast in extremely low temperatures..

#3170-3200 Polester, PVC and Label-Protection Tape -Call us about this range of tapes with unique characteristics and properties..

Series 4000-

Cloth & Foil Tapes

#4110 Utility Grade Duct Tape - Polypropylene coated cloth tape that meets UL 723 standards. Excellent for duct work or other more temporary applications. Available in a variety of colors.

#4120 Industrial Grade Duct Tape - A polypropylene-coated cloth tape with high-tack adhesive for sealing ducts and other permanent applications. Available in a variety of colors.

#4130 Premium Grade Duct Tape - A premium Polypropylene coated cloth tape that meets UL 723 standards. Excellent for duct work or other more temporary applications. Available in a variety of colors

#4140 Camouflage Duct Tape - Waterproof and residue-free in most applications. Available in woodland green and woodland brown..

#4150 Flame-Retardant Waterproof Duct Tape - As described. Available in silver and white.

#4160 "Gaffers" Tape - For use in stage, movie set, and bookbinding applications. Colors available.

#4170 Uncoated Cloth Tapes - Used for non-surgical finger protecting (sports) applications.

#4180 Multi-Purpose Harness Tapes - A printable dyed tape with flame retardancy. Black, 8-10 Mil.

#4190 Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tapes - High-end double-sided tape for carpet and mounting.

#4200 Multi-Purpose Aluminum Foil Tape - 2 Mil dead-soft aluminum foil tape. Meets UL 273.

#4210-4260 Other Foil Tape - Call us for more information on lead, copper and stainless options.

Series 5000-

Foam & Rubber Tapes

#5110 Strip-N-Stick Silicone Rubber Tape - An easy-to-apply pressure-sensitive tape with excellent weather-ability and often used as an 'instant gasket'. Available in sponge and solid silicone rubber.

#5120 Polyethylene Foam Tapes - The common choice for mounting and joining. Used for gaskets and sealing against moisture, dust and light. Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.

#5130 Polyurethane Foam Tape - A high-performance tape with excellent rebound capability. Commonly used in the electrical and transportation industries. Available in a variety of widths, densities and thicknesses.

#5140 Single-Coated Foam Tape - With adhesive only on one side, this tape is the common choice for cabinet doors, clean rooms and air or dust sealing. Available in variety of widths, densities and thicknesses.

#5150 UHB - Ultra-High-Bond Tape - Often used to replace mechanical fasteners, this super-high-tack tape is used to affix auto trim, signs, graphics, and furniture and appliance components.

Series 6000-

Colored Film Tapes

#6110 Colored Vinyl Tapes - Used for floor lanes, walking paths and aisles, and resistant to humidity, moisture and most chemicals. Available in a variety of widths and colors.

#6120 Colored Polyethylene Tapes - An aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with is excellent for holding poly-sheeting and used for splicing, sealing and tabbing. Available in a variety of colors.

#6130 Polyester Silicone Plating Tape - Use for all masking operations during the production of PC boards, and residue-free when removed. Available in a variety of thickness of blue and yellow.

#6140 Polyester Silicone Splicing Tape - Bonds quickly to silicone surfaces and used for splicing silicone papers and photos. Available in a variety of thickness and colors.

#6150 UVPC Printable Vinyl Film Tape - A moisture, aging, acid, alkaline and solvent resistant color coding, slicing and edge-protecting tape. Available in various colors.

#6160 Lithographer's Tape - A dark-red PVC tape used for masking and stripping film negatives. Offers full protection against light exposure.

#6170 Invisible Mending Tapes - A frosted, matte acetate tape with acrylic adhesive. Writable.

#6180 Cellophane Tapes - A film tape used for mending, repairing and sealing. Transparent.

#6190 Metalized Milar - a metalized film with aggressive acrylic adhesive.

#6200 PVC Bag Sealing Tape - Used in the produce industry to seal bags. Available in colors.

Series 7000-

Double-Coated Tapes

#7110 Double-Coated Polyester Splicing Tape - Use for fly-splices in high temp applications.

#7120 Double-Coated Tissue Reinforced Splicing Tapes - A high-temp and resistant 2-sided tape.

#7130 Double-Coated Repulpable Splicing Tape - This double-sided tape is completely water-soluble, and designed for flying splicing and core starting in the paper industry.

#7140 Double-Coated Vinyl Tape - Get a permanent bond, even when exposed to the elements. Ideal for nameplates, plastic extrusions, decorative trim and partition fabric adhesion.

#7150 Double-Coated Clear Polypropylene Tape - A clear, polypropylene film with aggressive adhesive capabilities for permanent bonding in see-through applications.

#7160-7210 Other Double-Coated & Transfer Tapes - Call us about a variety of other tapes in this class, such as cloth, crepe, and flatback tapes, temporary closure, laminating and transfer tapes.

Series 8000-

Plate-mounting & Flexographic Tapes

#8110 UPVC Flexographic Platemounting Tape - For mounting metal, plastic and photopolymer plates with high adhesion and excellent shear resistance. Available in 4.6 and 10 Mil.

#8120 Cloth Flexographic Platemounting Tapes - A cloth tape that features a strong rubber adhesive for mounting plastic and rubber plates in critical applications.

#8130 PVC Flexographic Platemounting Tape - Used in web flexographic printing- particularly effective on solid areas and line work. Features high adhesion and good shear resistance.

#8140 PE Medium-Density Foam Platemounting Tape - Designed for mounting photopolymer places in a wide web film and paper flexo-printing application.

#8150 PE High-Density Flexographic Platemounting Tape - With similar applications to #8140, this foam tape for mounting photopolymer plates. Particularly in halftone and solid printing.

#8160 40-60-125 Mil Urethane Platemounting Tape - Designed for where a thicker foam is required for platemounting applications.

#8170 Roller Wrap - High-Grip/Non-Stick Tape - Used to cover machine rollers, as well as feed and handling units. Promotes smoother web movement in printing and converting operations.

#8180 Lithographer's Moisture Resistant Tape - Dark red litho tape for masking and stripping film negatives while protecting against exposure to light.

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