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New Facilities

  • To better serve your production and shipping needs, Hugh Courtright & Co., Ltd., along with its affiliated companies, has built a new office / warehouse in Monee, Illinois.
    ..... Our new facility is more than double the capacity of our former facility. We are now settled in our new office home, and are open for 'business as usual.'

New Products

  • glue dotsDouble-Sided Glue Dots -- are a terrific alternative to glue guns for transferring small amounts of adhesive to  another surface. They are safe, non-toxic, fume-free, and can be used immediately. You don't have to wait while they warm up.
    ..... Carried on a silicone liner, the dots are easily transferred to the back of a business card or a brochure. The glue dots also can be used during product assembly and to  hold items in place during shrink wrapping. They are available in three thicknesses and three strengths.
  • Silicone-Coated Release Tape -- wraps rollers that come in contact with silicone-coated webs. You can rely on RollerMate P4001 to provide traction without sticking. The RollerMate P4001 is more cost-effective other factory-applied coatings, and lasts longer  than conventional roll wraps.
  • slid mates, skid-mates, pallet donuts, pallet doughnutsSKID-MATE Doughnut-Shaped Air-Damped Packing Cushions -- protect existing crating or pallets against shocks without costly redesign. The cushioning performance of a single polyethylene Skid-Mate is equal to 3 inches (76.2mm) of Urethane foam. (Sold in sets of four.)
    ..... Adding a special spacer, makes the Skid-Mate+Plus compatible with all pallet jacks worldwide.

Website Changes

  • We now have incorporated an effective Internal Search function which should help make it faster and easier for you to access more of our products and services on-line.
    ..... Please let us know how you like the site! Click Here to send us your comments and  suggestions as to how we might improve it to serve you better. 

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