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PTFE Belt Seam and Splice Options Hugh Courtright & Co. PTFE belts are custom fabricated to meet your demanding industrial application. We can provide a broad range of seam options.

Alligator or Clipper Seam

  • Extremely strong and flexible.
  • Metal lacing is locked into reinforced belt ends.
  • The laced ends are then meshed and joined by a stainless steel, steel or Monel pin.
  • Use with 5” diameter or larger pulleys
  • Clipper Seam utilizes a metal lacing for smaller diameter pulleys.

Cable Seam

  • High strength splice utilizes high temperate synthetic fabric instead of metal lacing.
  • Synthetic fabric is folded over belt ends and stitched in place.
  • The laced ends are then meshed and joined by a stainless steel, steel or Monel pin.

Pin Seam

  • Reweaving provides the convenience of a mechanical splice with the benefits of an endless belt.
  • The warp (lengthwise) threads are folded back and rewoven into the belt carcass to form loops.
  • The ends are then meshed and joined by a stainless steel, steel or Monel pin.

Flap Over Seam

  • A PTFE coated synthetic fabric flap covers the alligator or clipper metal lacing, providing a continuous release surface.
  • Flap can be heat sealed or stitched to the belt.
  • A plat over seam is generally used with a metal alligator or clipper seam.
  • Available with all belt styles.

Butt Splice

  • Butt splices are heat sealed with reinforcement on the underside of the belt.
  • Smooth top surface.

Overlap Splice

  • Most popular heat-sealed splice.
  • Can be enhanced with moldings for food processing applications.
  • Overlap ranges from 1” to 6”.
  • Directional belt angles of 22, 45, 60 or 90 degrees.

Belt Edge Reinforcement

  • Prevents unraveling of porous belts.
  • Provides additional support for pin guides, grommets and eyelets.
  • Presents uniform edges for automatic tracking sensors.
  • Reinforcement option #1 - .003” thick PTFE film from 1” to 1 ˝” wide heat-sealed to the belt edge.
  • Reinforcement option #2 - .005” or .010” thick PTFE coated fiberglass heat sealed or stitched to the belt edge.  From ˝” to 2” wide.




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